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Juday Promises a Festive Judy Ann’s Kitchen, Teases New Cook Book

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When Judy Ann’s Kitchen debuted last October, it was well-received because of the mouthwatering and extraordinary dishes. Plus, they totally loved Juday’s humor and energy. However, many have requested for…


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Make this easy and fun Matcha-Tiramisu Crepe Tower with your cooking partner just like Judy Ann Santos and her daughter Yohan!


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Want to change your chicken curry recipe? Try this Baked Indian-Style Chicken Curry by Judy Ann Santos.


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Juday shares the recipe of her Pinoy Burger, made even more special.

Juday Promises a Festive Judy Ann’s Kitchen, Teases New Cook Book

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When Judy Ann’s Kitchen debuted last October, it was well-received because of the mouthwatering and extraordinary dishes. Plus, they totally loved Juday’s humor and energy.

However, many have requested for simpler and affordable recipes. They will be thrilled this time.

“So sa mga episodes na ito I had to think really hard kung paano ko ba co-combine yung mga comments and suggestions nila,” she said in an exclusive interview.

“Gusto ko talaga na may matutunan sila from each episode na ginawa namin. I really put extra effort in every recipe na ginawa ko kasi nga pinasok ko rin dun yung mga suggestion nila sa mga first episodes na nilabas namin,” she added.

The first episode of Judy Ann’s Kitchen Christmas Edition will air on December 2, on its Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.

JAK Christmas Edition Trailer

As promised, we’ll make your holiday season merrier with our new episodes! Watch out for our Christmas dishes here on Judy Ann’s Kitchen Facebook Page and YouTube Channel, every Saturday this December!

Posted by Judy Ann's Kitchen on Friday, November 24, 2017

But that’s not the only thing Filipinos will have to look forward to. Due to the immense success of her cook book, which has sold 35,000 copies as announced during Cook + Book Festival, fans can expect another book filled with Juday’s scrumptious and priced recipes.

The actress revealed that she is currently working on a new cook book. And just like her cooking show, she has taken into considerations all her learnings from the comments and suggestions of her fans.

For more info about the new cook book and everything about Juday, regularly visit www.officialjuday.ph

8 Helpful Advice From Judy Ann’s Kitchen Facebook Live

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Yesterday proved to be a special day for Judy Ann Santos as she mingled with Filipinos all over the world through Judy Ann’s Kitchen Facebook Live, which happened inside her festive kitchen.

A few minutes before it happened, Juday admitted she felt nervous but when she started greeting her viewers, it was like she was having a casual talk with friends. Juday was even joined by two special guests, Ryan and Luna, adding more fun to the Facebook Live.

@officialjuday enjoying @judyannskitchen ‘s first Facebook Live! #JAKLiveQandA

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Lunnie Bunny is here! @officialjuday @judyannskitchen #JAKLiveQandA

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@ryan_agoncillo joins our first Facebook Live! #JAKLiveQandA @officialjuday

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In a span of an hour and so, the actress seemed like a walking lifestyle magazine, managing to tackle almost everything from cooking, taking care of kids, and even setting up a business.

Here are the key takeaways from the Facebook Live yesterday.

1. Don’t Eat Midnight Snacks

“Snack up on nuts and milk. Wag ka nang kumain pag madaling araw kasi hindi ka na matutunawan niyan. Lahat ng kinain mo ng madaling araw, mag-iistore up to fats. Sabi nga ng mga experts, kailangan bago ka matulog, two hours after ka nag-dinner, yun na yung last meal mo kasi kailangan ipahinga mo na yung tummy mo.”

@officialjuday with Cutie Lunnie Bunny! #JAKLiveQandA

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2. Plant Your Own Herbs

“Personally namimili ako sa mga weekend markets like Legazpi market and Salcedo market kasi organic tsaka may suki na ako doon. Though mas maganda kung itatanim niyo kasi mas makakatipid kayo eventually. Sa dami ng mahaharvest niyo, pwede niyo na rin siyang ibenta.”

3. Invest in Nutritious Ingredients

“It’s nice to invest in ingredients na may pagkapricey ng kaunti dahil sila yung mas fresher, organic. Kung gusto mong nasa healthy part ka ng side ng buhay, you try to invest a little more in buying organic ingredients.”

4. Involve Picky Kids in Cooking Their Own Meal

“Sinama ko sila sa pagluluto sa kusina. Maganda na ipatrabaho mo rin sa mga kids kung ano yung kakainin nilang vegetable kasi ma-aapreciate nila kasi na mayroon silang labor of work. Trick lang naman diyan, kung lulutuin niyo ang pagkain niyo, kailangan niyong kainin, masarap man o hindi, hindi pwedeng itapon kasi magagalit si God.”

@officialjuday reveals what to expect in the next episodes of Judy Ann’s Kitchen! #JAKLiveQandA

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5. Don’t Be Afraid to Cook

“You’ll never know kung hanggang saan ang skill mo sa isang bagay kung hindi mo talaga siya susubukan. It’s really all about challenging yourself into doing new things. Siguro kung natatakot kayo sa deep-fry, doon muna kayo sa stir-fry at steam. Yung una medyo takot din ako sa mantika pero nung natalsikan na ako, ganun talaga, masasaktan. Parang love lang, masasaktan at masasaktan ka kahit anong iwas mo so masaktan ka na lang kesa wala kang matutunan.”

6. Always Have Bread for Leftovers

“Always have bread kasi yung mga leftovers na yan madaling gawing tinapay o kaya omelet.”

7. Juday Starts her day With Positivity

“I always have this Raw Cacao powder. It’s unprocessed, it has a natural caffeine na nakakapag-boost ng energy mo, plus it’s chocolate so yun pa lang nakaka-happy na. Maganda siya para sa katawan.”

@officialjuday starts her day with her favorite drink! #JAKLiveQandA

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8. The Secret to Happy Life is Not Concerning Yourself to Things You Can’t Control

“You choose your battles. Feeling ko yun lang naman yung sikreto sa pagiging masaya yung hindi mo na kailangan i-stressing ang sarili mo sa mga bagay na hindi mo na dapat ini-stress kasi hindi mo naman hawak yun.”

After the Facebook Live, her family and friends immediately congratulated her for the successful discussion. Juday immediately changed to mom and wife mode, and cooked dinner with so much love.

Thank you for your time! Hope you enjoyed our first Facebook Live with @officialjuday ! #JAKLiveQandA

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Why Judy Ann Santos’ Salmon Protein Bowl Is A Superfood

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It’s no secret actress Judy Ann Santos keeps herself fit by consistently working-out, sometimes, even with hubby Ryan Agoncillo. But exercising is half the battle, the other half is eating right. So the question is, what to eat?

On last Saturday’s episode of Judy Ann’s Kitchen, Juday showcased something health-conscious and those who have a new year’s resolution to lose weight (ahem) would love.

The Salmon Protein Bowl is jam-packed with nutrients to say the least as it contains seven superfoods, namely, kale, avocado, coconut oil, honey, ginger, onion, and black pepper.


Clearly, this recipe is rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and more, making it a perfect food after a workout because the body would regrow the muscle proteins.

Aside from that, Juday used an ingredient – adlai – that not many knows about. Basically, adlai is a gluten-free grain that is a great alternative for white rice. It is high in fiber, protein, minerals, and here’s the best part, it is low in glycemic, making it suitable for diabetics. Adlai is available in some stores and grocery.

Approved by Yohan and Bunnie, this recipe is certainly worth the try! With consistent exercise and right food like the Salmon Protein Bowl, those unwanted inches will probably be gone soon! Watch the JAK’s 2nd episode below.

Judy Ann’s Kitchen Pilot Episode Gets 1M Views

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Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo welcomed the whole country to her kitchen with Judy Ann’s Kitchen last Friday and after just a few days, the pilot episode already garnered a staggering 1 million views.

It’s no surprise that it earned such an incredible response, after all, Juday opened the cooking show by sharing a recipe that is dear to her hubby’s heart.

On the first episode, she revealed that Ryan loves crispy pork and sandwich. Have the two married and the product will be Crispy Banh Mi. And this is just not a simple Banh Mi as she employed Vietnamese, Chinese, and French cooking style.

It’s a bit of a tedious process but Juday promised that it’ll be worth the effort.

“Matrabaho lang pero I promise you, the end product pangdagdag, pogi points kung lalaki kang gagawa, pangdagdag to ng ganda points kung gagawin mo to sa boyfriend mo.”

[JAK] Ep 1: Banh Mi

[JAK] Ep 1: Judy Ann Santos welcomes you to her kitchen with her take on Vietnamese street food Banh Mi.

Judy Ann's Kitchen 发布于 2017年10月12日

Fans and friends of the actress congratulated her for such a great pilot episode.

Actor Marvin Agustin, who is an owner of multiple local and international restaurants and Juday’s co-star in Gimik, was not only pleased by the yummy sandwich, he was also entertained by Juday’s jokes.

“Ang saraaaaap!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ At nakakatawa yung baka tumakbo yung baboy!!! 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 great job labsyu!!! 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻”

Other celebrities, who sent their warm regards, were Jericho Rosales, Sharon Cuneta, and Coco Martin.

Exciting… Congrat's Ate. Juday!!!😍😍😍

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Meanwhile, netizens are already craving for the next episode. Many of them are wondering what will they try in their own kitchen next. This time, Juday will serve Salmon Protein Bowl, which she usually eats after workout because it’s very nutritious so health conscious will surely love this. Watch out for that and more, every Saturday at 10:30 am only on Judy Ann’s Kitchen Facebook page.

Judy Ann Santos Shares What’s Cooking on Judy Ann’s Kitchen

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When the news hit that Queen of Drama Judy Ann Santos will star in a cooking show, her fans couldn’t contain their excitement to see the MasterChef herself in action. Plus, who wouldn’t want to try Juday’s famed recipes in the comfort of their home?

But in this day and age, where there are many food enthusiasts online, Juday sets herself apart by making the online cooking show more personal through sharing recipes she serves her family.

“I will make recipes that I normally cook for my family, what I cook for myself,” Juday said in an exclusive interview.

And what makes Judy Ann’s Kitchen even more special is that Juday is open for tips and suggestions from her viewers so any inputs from her fans will be deeply appreciated. Moreover, her online cooking show will feel natural and relatable.

Talking about ‘relatable,’ parents can expect Juday and Ryan’s cute children – Yohan, Lucho, Luna – to appear in the some of the episodes so expect to be treated with good food and cuteness! Fun fact: Yohan, just like her mom, loves to cook; Lucho loves beef; and Luna love to eat.

And there’s more! Juday also revealed that she has an upcoming cookbook so better watch out for that but for now, let’s all welcome Judy Ann’s Kitchen in our home on October 13 exclusively on Judy Ann’s Kitchen Facebook page.