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[NEWS] Judy Ann Santos and Angelica Panganiban on Their Journey to Self-Love

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“Ate!” Angelica Panganiban makes her presence known, sauntering into the studio in a red oversized hoodie and a pair of black leggings. Her arms are outstretched, ready to envelop Judy Ann Santos in a bear hug, who is now perched on her makeup chair.

“Ang taas ng energy level, baby girl!” Judy Ann exclaims, and the two soon catapult into rapid-fire conversation, replete with inside jokes and life updates, chatter that was nothing out of the ordinary for two close friends, famous or not. The pair couldn’t have fooled anyone in the room, though—at that very moment, the studio contained two of the biggest actresses of their generation, enough star power combined to blind anyone within a 30-foot radius—add to that the fact that they were both decked out in Carolina Herrera.

Their friendship aside, Judy Ann and Angelica share a lot of things in common. Both actresses first rose to fame as child stars: Juday, as she’s fondly called, has clocked in over 30 years in show business, having started when she was eight years old, while Angelica has become a household name through kid-friendly classics such as Ang TV and Sarah, Ang Munting Prinsesa. Both of them have earned a string of widely phenomenal films and television shows under their belt early in life; Juday was dubbed the soap opera princess—the OG teen queen, if you will—through shows such as Mara Clara and Esperanza, while Angelica established her mettle as a versatile actress, bursting into tears on teleseryes while delivering riotous performances in the comedy show Banana Split, which she’s headlined for almost a decade now. The pair has also managed to reinvent themselves over the years, with Juday crossing over to the independent scene in films such as Ploning and Kusina, while Angel received critical and commercial raves for her performance in That Thing Called Tadhana alongside JM De Guzman. Most recently, Juday and Angel top-billed Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes, a romantic comedy directed by Die Beautiful’s Jun Robles Lana, where they play two wives who discover that their husbands are having an affair with each other.

Both beautiful, hardworking, and successful in their own right, Judy Ann and Angelica have already earned their pedestals in the ever-volatile and capricious world of show business. And for them to have lasted as long as they have in this industry requires serious talent, solid work ethic, and an uncompromising authenticity that’s hard to come by in the throngs of celebrities who come and go.

Judy Ann: From Superstar to Supermom

For her part, Judy Ann Santos may be one of the local industry’s most iconic names, forever engraved in the glitzy and hallowed halls of show biz. With unforgettable TV shows such as Esperanza and Basta’t Kasama Kita, she became a celebrity legend well before the time of social media and the internet. The actress grew up in the traditional mores of showbiz, and her astounding success did not come without its sacrifices: the heights that Juday reached came with having to work nonstop from her childhood years until she was an adult, along with accepting the fact that she’s obliged to share her personal life with the public.

“Noong single pa lang ako, I would work 24/7, as in walang birthday, Pasko dalawang araw lang. Kapag Holy Week, Black Friday lang walang trabaho,” Juday shares, adding that shooting six films in a year on top of taping teleseryes was nothing out of the ordinary for her. However, that all changed when she married her husband, actor and host Ryan Agoncillo, in 2009. The career that once traversed in full throttle had decelerated, with the actress herself stepping on the brakes, even if only momentarily.

“I really said to myself, when I get married, I’ll give it my all, to my family, to myself, because I’ve been working so hard since I was eight. I deserve to spend time with my family and be private about it,” the actress declares. “Because my life is very public, wala naman akong tinago, and I really appreciate that people actually respect it…It’s just that this time, I want this selfishness as a mom, as a wife. Bata pa lang ako sabi ko na, [kapag] ako nagkapamilya, akin ‘to.”

Work had once been the center of her life when she was young and single, but now Juday is dedicated to making her family her utmost priority, career second. As a wife and a mother, she makes the conscious effort to be selective of her projects—the movie has to be good enough, she says, to cut her time from her kids and husband. Long hours were once an old friend, just a day in the life of an in-demand actress, but nowadays, it drives her up the wall. “I’d still make teleseryes, pero hindi na ‘yung lagari. I would choose my projects—let’s say, two days straight is okay, [but] 3 days straight is very questionable. Pag-uusapan natin ‘yan,” she asserts. “Pero kung talagang walang choice, okay go, but after [those] three days, I have to have my three straight free days for myself, for my kids, and for my husband. There’s a very conscious effort to fix my schedule—ang baba na ng pasensya ko, ang init na ng ulo ko. I don’t know if it’s [because of] hormones, or age, or I’m so in love with my family that I get sad when I don’t see them every day.”

What does it mean for Judy Ann to love herself? It means being with her family as much as possible, the people that matter to her the most. “80 percent of my time is for myself and my family, the other 20 percent is for other stuff, kasama na diyan ‘yung work, business, everything else in between. I don’t want to wake up one day and regret so many things na biglang malaki na yung mga anak ko, ‘di ko na napansin.” And for an accomplished actress who’s already given so much of her life to building a name for herself, it’s just what she’s due.

Angelica: That Thing Called Independence

What you see is what you get with Angelica Panganiban. There’s just something so raw and honest about the 31-year-old actress, who moves so comfortably in her own skin without a hint of arrogance that one might expect from celebrities of her stature. “Yung pinaka-importanteng natutunan ko sa industriyang ito is ‘yung pagiging humble, ‘yung pag-respeto mo sa katrabaho mo. Siguro mas malaki ‘yung understanding na hindi lang ikaw yung napapagod,” the actress shares.

That said, Angelica may strike the public as someone who doesn’t let herself be bossed around by other people, but she could more aptly be described as someone who simply knows herself inside and out. It’s a far cry from the formerly shy and soft-spoken teen star she used to be, starring in youth-oriented shows such as G-Mik and Berks. But like the teenybopper roles she’s grown out of, Angel has matured into a person who’s learned to stand up for herself and put her own welfare first.

“Tapos na ako doon sa, ‘Ay gusto niya ‘to eh, gagawin ko ‘to.’ Mas inuuna ko na yung sarili ko,” the actress says matter-of-factly. “‘Yung tanong [ko] na, ‘okay ba ‘to sa ‘yo? Kaya mo ba ‘to? Ito ba ‘yung gusto mong gawin? Ikasasaya mo ba to? May matututunan ka ba dito?’”

It’s the same when it comes to looking for a partner, says Angelica, noting that she wants to maintain the same sense of independence and value her own needs while in a relationship. “Eto ‘yung gusto ko ma-maintain forever. Siguro kahit magkaroon ako ng partner. ’Yung ‘Aaalis ako ah! Travel ako.’ ‘Bakit, hindi ako kasama?’ ‘Hindi. Ako lang.’ Gusto ko ‘yung kaya ko, kaya kong mag-isa, and sana makahanap ako ng taong mamahalin ako na ganun ako ka-independent,” she opens up. “Kasi parang hindi na pala ganun ‘yung love. Hindi na siya ‘yung magpapa-cute lang kayong dalawa, tapos magho-holding hands kayo. I’m sure nandun ‘yun, pero iba ‘yung dating ng, ‘Ay ako, eto ‘yung gusto ko ah. So kung eto rin ‘yung trip mo, sige tara. Pero hindi ako mag-a-adjust.’”

Perhaps what’s most admirable about Angelica is how she’s able to remain true to herself, even to the point of allowing herself to be vulnerable and open about her pains and struggles. To address the elephant in the room (a.k.a. her previous relationship with actor John Lloyd Cruz), the actress is transparent about the process of moving on while in the public eye—which couldn’t have been easy, as one might imagine.

“Mahirap nung una, dumali na lang nung tapos na. Kasi kaya mo na siyang pagtawanan, kaya mo nang i-joke. Tapos ka nang magalit, tapos ka nang mag self-pity,” Angelica explains. “Dati, kahit sa trabaho makikita mo lang friends mo, gusto mo nang umiyak sa kanila. Nagsasabay ‘yung pag-move on mo tsaka ‘yung trabaho mo, kasi feeling mo pag nagtrabaho ka at [ginawa mong busy] ‘yung sarili mo, mas madali kang makaka-move on.”

Taking a page from her character Mace in That Thing Called Tadhana, perhaps Angelica’s big cathartic moment was when she jetted off to Nepal late last year and traveled around the Himalayas for almost a month. “Doon wala talagang nakakakilala sa akin, so pwede ko nalang talagang iiyak kung kailan ko nararamdaman, tapos ka-close ko ‘yung kasama ko, so kahit nang kalagitnaan ng tawa umiiyak ako, hindi nya ako jina-judge,” Angelica shares about the trip. Like Mace, she left her heartbreak in the mountains, allowing her soul to be renewed upon return. “So doon natapos, doon ko talaga iniwan ‘yung sakit. Actually, kahit nung hindi pa tapos ‘yung trip okay na ako eh,” she laughs. “So pagbalik ko, alam ko na okay na ako. Kahit lapitan ka ng iniiwasan mong mga tao, kaya mo silang itulak. ‘Doon ka, doon ka sa malayo, wag ka dito.’”

Angel speaks with the wisdom and insight of someone who’s learned, and now has a clearer vision of what matters in life. Hindsight, they say, after all, is 20/20. The actress shares the most important things in her life as of the moment: herself, her family, and her work. “Doon umiikot ngayon ang buhay ko. Noong nagbigay ako ng 100 percent sa tatlong ‘yun, binabalik siya sa akin ng doble,” Angelica shares. “Umaabot ako sa point na umiiyak ako dahil nararamdaman kong ‘yung ang ganda ng mga nangyayari sa akin. Ang sarap na iba na ‘yung iniiyak mo ngayon, ‘yung grateful ka na sa lahat ng nangyayari sa’yo. Hindi ka na, ‘Lord, bakit?’ Ngayon, “Lord, thank you ha.”

Suffice to say, whatever pain she has had to endure in the past led her to become a woman who now knows her worth.

A Lesson on Self-Love

There’s no doubt about it: Judy Ann Santos and Angelica Panganiban are two of the country’s brightest stars. Beyond the fame and recognition that come with being a celebrity, what makes them so appealing is how they remain grounded and relatable, even when it comes to the struggles they have endured. Still, every hardship brings a lesson—and for these two actresses, that lesson is choosing to love themselves in their own ways, without feeling guilty about it.

Self-love isn’t about choosing a certain path; it’s about realizing your own worth and sticking to what you know is best for you, which sometimes entails having to defy the norm. Judy Ann made a life-changing decision to take a break from the limelight and focus on her family; Angelica learned to piece herself back together and stand on her own after a very public heartbreak. If anything, these two are proof that choosing to love yourself is not always an easy.

[NEWS] ‘Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes’ is an Entertaining and Thoughtful Dissection of a Modern Dilemma

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Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes tells the story of two women struggling with their respective marriages. Lianne (Judy Ann Santos) believes that her husband Gary (Joross Gamboa) is having an affair with a co-worker. Cindy (Angelica Panganiban) is doing everything she can to be the perfect wife for Felix (JC de Vera), whose mother (Carmi Martin) is bringing all sorts of pressure to their relationship. It turns out that Gary and Felix are having an affair together. Lianne and Cindy are brought together by this awkward circumstance, and the two team up to track down their husbands and attain some manner of closure, and perhaps a little retribution.

This is a broad, rather delightful comedy that entertains while being remarkably thoughtful in its dissection of a modern dilemma. At almost every point in this movie, it is able to lend support and credence to characters embracing their true selves in the pursuit of love, while never diminishing the anger felt by those they ended up leaving behind. It’s a fine balancing act that Invests deeply in the flawed humanity of these characters, the movie in the end stumping for a kind of radical compassion in our approach to the social issues that may be confusing people in these modern times.

This is a pretty zany film, its scenes often built loud, broad bits of comedy. It very much displays what most would think of as a mainstream sensibility, complete with somewhat shrill sound design. But the issues it tackles in the deployment of that comedy are pretty interesting. It should be said that the titular main characters aren’t portrayed as being particularly prejudiced against homosexuality, but the film exposes a certain kind of comfort in not having to deal with those issues directly. With their husbands now part of a community they would say they openly tolerated, they’re forced out of their comfort zones, and confronted with an evolving world that they’ve never really had to understand.

Complicating matters is the fact the two Mrs. Reyes’ aren’t really wrong. The film makes it clear that no one involved in this messy situation is inherently good or bad, or right or wrong. The wives are flailing, holding on to some sense of emotional justice. And the husbands are just doing what people told to do: they’re following their bliss, and being true to themselves. The film finds potent dramatic complexity in the intersection of those ideas, every confrontation a compelling explication of completely valid feelings from both sides of the equation.

It results in a movie that is as thought-provoking as it is funny. And it is very funny. The material itself is packed with some pretty inspired gags, much of it built on the frankness with which these characters talk. But it also helps a lot that the lead actresses are so terrific. Judy Ann Santos is a key to the appeal of this movie, since a lesser actress might not have been able to ground her character’s vindictiveness in something that still feels thoroughly sympathetic. Angelica Panganiban matches Santos beat for beat, landing both the punchlines and the moments of surprisingly profound drama.

Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes feels like a minor miracle, in a way. There are so many pitfalls in the story the film tries to tell, and trying to navigate that tricky terrain with broad comedy doesn’t feel like the most intuitive approach. But the movie deftly weaves through those complex ideas, wielding that very broadness as a catalyst for the discourse that it wants to have. It uses the humor to just put ideas out there, and then it follows through by dissecting it all, by challenging its characters to understand the politics of identity beyond the punchlines. In between the jokes, the film finds room for genuine compassion, and that can be a powerful thing.

[NEWS] Judy Ann Proves Versatility Against Angelica

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JUDY Ann Santos and Angelica Panganiban both deliver totally rollicking performances in “Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes”. Juday is Lianne, an accomplished cosmetic surgeon who has no idea her husband, Gary Reyes (Joross Gamboa), is a closet queen. The same goes with Angelica as Cindy, the wife of Felix Reyes (JC De Vera), who has a very controlling and domineering mom (Carmi Martin).

So imagine how shocked they are when they discover that their husbands are having a very gay affair. At first, they feel very hurt after being deceived by this unusual case of marital infidelity. They think of getting even, of revenge. They suffered, so it’s only fair that their erring husbands should suffer, too. Their efforts to spy on their husbands and prevent the same sex wedding they’re having in Taiwan are absolutely hilarious, with the help of Nico Antonio as Steve, a well-endowed macho dancer whose help they sought to seduce their husbands and break them apart.

The film is initially treated as a comedy, which is not conventional for a movie about infidelity. Brocka’s “Tubog sa Ginto” is also about a wife who discovers her husband is a homosexual and it’s full of drama from start to finish. “Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes” takes a different route, but it eventually goes dramatic as it touches on serious issues about love, forgiveness and acceptance.

It works because everyone in the ensemble cast performs marvelously. Judy Ann Santos shows her versatility delivering all her comic punchlines (and even all her cuss words) with ribtickling precision. And when she goes to drama, with her tears just flowing down effortlessly, she’s faultless. She has so many great scenes here, dramatic ones with Joross, with their daughter Andrea Brillantes and her comic ones with Angelica, who’s also does great as the secretary who marries her boss’ son without knowing he’s hetero-flexible (the word of writer-director Jun Lana, not ours.) Angelica is so effective even in scenes that would seem potentially ludicrous, like her scenes with a talking cat!

Great support is given by Joross and JC as the husbands, Carmi as the meddlesome mother in law, Quark Henares as a private detective who’s oh so obviously also in the closet, and Gladys Reyes, Cai Cortez, Wilma Doesn’t as Juday’s supportive presents.

The film has many laugh-out-loud moments that send everyone inside the theatre going on an unabashed laugh trip from beginning to end. But in the end, after all the hurt and tears, all the pain and anger, the film’s true message is that love still conquers all. And we don’t mean just romantic love but love for another coupled with lots and lots of understanding and compassion.

[NEWS] 10 Things You’ll Love Love About “Ang Dalawang Mrs Reyes”

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Star Cinema opens the year 2018 with a bang as they bring together two of the country’s box-office queens in one big movie. Judy Ann Santos and Angelica Panganiban both star in Jun Lana’s comedy “Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes”.

Here, they play devoted wives Lianne and Cindy, respectively, who got cheated on by their husbands who turned out to be gay. With their combined forces, they will make sure their exes don’t get what they took away from them: a happy ending.

JC de Vera and Joross Gamboa play Felix Reyes and Gary Reyes respectively, the cheating husbands of Lianne and Cindy. The film also features a star-studded ensemble, led by Gladys Reyes, Carmi Martin, Andrea Brillantes, Nico Antonio, Cai Cortez, Wilma Doesnt, Quark Henares and Kim Molina.

The film is directed by Die Beautiful‘s Jun Robles Lana and is produced by Star Cinema, Quantum Films and IdeaFirst Company.

Here are 10 Things You’ll Love About “Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes”. Watch out for spoilers!

10. The film isn’t your typical Star Cinema comedy fare.

If you have seen the movie itself, you’ll immediately have that feeling that this is not going to be your usual slapstick comedy from Star Cinema. With director Jun Robles Lana at the helm, the film will surely give you that indie vibe even during the film’s opening credits.

9. The film touches the LGBT community and its members.

The film is about two wives who got cheated on by their gay husbands. Therefore, it is inevitable that the film will feature such topics such as the identification of the LGBT community.

In one particular scene featuring the two couples discussing what has happened between them, Gary ( Joross Gamboa) Lianne’s ex-husband, identifies himself as a woman while Felix (JC de Vera) tags himself as a Heteroflexible, a man who is mostly straight, not gay or bisexual, but in between bi and straight. This is just one of the most controversial topics discussed in the film.

8. The film tackles relevant issues such as cyber-bullying.

During the film’s third half, one of the decisions of the lead characters who posted something online became viral and has caused a stir among netizens.

This caused one of the parties involved to be harassed in social media and leading to a violent confrontation. The film is an eye-opener for everyone to remember the golden rule of online communication: think before you post.

7. The film is overflowing with quotable quotes.

Aside from the hilarious banter of the two leads (“Ako ang asawa ng inaasawa ng asawa mo” is one great example), the film is also full of unforgettable quotations that will really stick with you like “Pain will come with time, but time will heal the pain” and “If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.”

6. The film is actually way deeper than what you think it is.

The film looks like another slapstick comedy at first glance. But it’s actually way deeper than one could have expected. Jun Robles manages to surprise us with a story that gets meatier and juicier as the film progresses. You can’t help but be engrossed in this hilarious and complicated story.

5. The film tackles themes of infidelity and the complexities of relationships between couples.

Marriage is such a complicated thing. But having an affair makes it even more complicated. All that Felix and Gary wanted was to be to their-selves since that’s what we are being thought ever since we are young. But in the process, they ended up hurting their wives by hiding the truth from them.

Most people would say that lying is always wrong, except when there’s a good reason for it, but this is not true. A lie is a still a lie, plain and simple.

4. The film features a new brand of comedy.

The film is Rated R-13 by the MTRCB due to its themes and language. The film is unapologetic in its use of foul language featuring its stars and does not sacrifice it’s script just to get a watered-down PG rating.

The film is purely of adult humor that is definitely fresh and new, especially since it’s a Star Cinema film.

3. The film will definitely make you laugh and cry at the same time.

Same as his previous blockbuster hit “Die Beautiful”, Jun Robles Lana promises to make everyone laugh and cry in this movie. With its perfect blend of humor and drama, this film will leave a tear or two in your eyes and a big smile on your lips. It’s the ultimate feel-good movie of the year!

2. The film is produced by Star Cinema, Quantum Films and IdeaFirst Company.

These three companies are the geniuses behind the blockbuster films “Here Comes the Bride”, “English Only Please” and “Die Beautiful”, leaving their quality mark in the movie.

1. The film itself is worthy of your price admission.

From it’s star-studded cast to its engrossing story, the film is definitely entertaining from start to finish. You’ll surely get your money’s worth with it.

“Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes” is now showing in cinemas nationwide!

[NEWS] REVIEW: ‘Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes’ highlights the dark and bright side of acceptance and love

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While gay characters are often mocked if not ridiculed in mainstream films, Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes centers its story on two men who fall in love with one another while unfortunately hurting two important people in their respective lives—their wives.

Pegged as a comedy flick, the latest Jun Robles Lana opus reunited Angelica Panganiban and Judy Ann Santos 17 years after their first project together Sa Puso Ko Iingatan Ka. Joross Gamboa and JC de Vera also co-star.

Although teeming with crazy punch lines, well-delivered expletives, and downright laughable jokes, the film took a serious turn as it tackled pain in deception and acceptance in love between the two couples.

The Queen of Soap Operas’ big screen comeback couldn’t have been any bigger as she showcased her sublime acting chops in an unfamiliar genre.

Juday didn’t just own Lianne Reyes; she made her moments memorable as the scorned and vindictive wife of Gary Reyes played by Joross, who went to great lengths to end her husband’s romance with Felix Reyes played by JC, who happens to be the husband of Cindy Reyes played by Angelica.

Several confrontation scenes, including one inside a noodle house and another inside the hospital during the latter part of the film, are definitely the strongest moments where the film’s core message resonated—that pain and anger can change people but true love can douse its effects.

Another thing that’s worth noting about the film was it’s pacing. It has a steady concept of where they wanted the story to focus and stay throughout the film. The screenplay didn’t linger on unnecessary moments by tackling the love story of the two Reyes couples, but it rather presented the problems of deceit and infidelity by the Mr. Reyeses head on.

The honest-to-goodness unveiling of the phases of grief of Cindy and Lianne appeared so real, thanks to the well-written script, that one could’ve seen those kinds of moments right before their very eyes at one point in their lives.

Meanwhile, the supporting cast composed of Carmi Martin, Nico Antonio, Gladys Reyes, Wilma Doesn’t, and Andrea Brillantes, each had their respective moments that reflected their stance on love and relationships.

Although the film was promoted as Judy Ann’s comeback project, it could’ve used more scenes that displayed Angelica and JC’s dramatic skills. Nevertheless, the two took the lead in the film’s comedic department as they effectively showcased their surprising chemistry while revealing their quirks as a cat-loving couple.

In the end, the film, with its unconventional take on deceit and infidelity, was successful enough to put across its message that love can bring out the worst and the best in us whether we like it or not.

[NEWS] Juday at Ryan Pinalakpakan Ng Netizens

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Isang magandang ins­pirasyon sa mga magulang ang ipinakitang ­example ni Judy Ann Santos sa kanyang mga alaga sa Instagram, na sa panahon ngayon na lahat ng bata ay adik sa gadget.

Nag-post si Juday ng short video sa loob ng bahay nila ni Ryan A­goncillo na isa-isang ipinapakita ang mga bagets sa sala.

Maki­kita sa video na nagbabasa ng libro ang mga ­bata kabilang na ang pa­nganay niyang si ­Yohan at anak na lalake na si Lucho.

“Ganyan nga…ma­ging busy sa libro, hindi puro gadgets. Galing mo bub! @ryan_agoncillo,” caption pa ni Juday.

Ang intensyon ni Juday sa pagpapakita ng short video na ito ay upang iparating sa mga magulang na puwedeng awatin o kontrolin ang kanilang mga anak sa paggamit ng gadgets sa lahat ng pagkakataon.

Maaaring bumalik sa old school ang mga ito, sa pamamagitan ng pagbabasa ng libro. Sey nga ni Juday sa voice over sa video, “‘Yan ganyan nga, puwede namang walang gadgets, ‘di ba? Waging-wagi ang bookstore! Happy New Year!”

Ayon kay Juday ay may rule silang pina­iral sa paggamit ng gadgets ngayong bakasyon.

“Give and take lang… we stick to our 1 hour rule when using gadgets. They have to read a book or at least finish 1 book or more before matapos ang bakasyon,” sey pa ulit ni Juday.

Humamig ng maraming papuri ang aktres sa ginawa niyang ‘yon.

Judy Ann Santos Reminisces Wonderful Friendship With Gimik Cast

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Gimik is perhaps, the quintessential teen series of the 90’s. It’s the show that resonated with countless Filipino adolescents and championed important social issues. That’s why, there have been various calls for a reunion.

Fortunately, a mini-reunion happened last Saturday when Queen of Drama Judy Ann Santos, who played Diane, teamed up with dear friend Mylene Dizon, who played Melanie, during the Miss Possibilities Pageant, which was an empowering show for special children.

To celebrate their rare reunion, Juday took a video of theimportant moment, wherein Mylene addressed their other Gimik friends, “Ano ng nangyari sa reunion?”

@officialjuday kasama ang Gimik co-star na si @missmylenedizon sa Miss Possibilities! #JudyAnnSantos #TunayNaJuday #B617

A post shared by Official Juday PH (@officialjudayph) on

She revealed that they last met up 9 years ago and that they have been planning to meet again for quite some time. However, due to conflicting schedules, they have to make do with their chat thread.

“Bakit kailangan? Kasi matanda na kami dapat bago man lang ako ma-menopause magkita na kami,” Mylene said in jest.

“We’re hoping kasi pag nagre-reunion kami, masaya lang,” Juday added.

Other Gimik casts were Marvin Augustin, Diether Ocampo, G Toengi, Patrick Garcia, Kaye Abad, Kristopher Peralta, Andrea Blaesi and Jolina Magdangal.

Although, it has been a while since Juday and Mylene last saw each other, almost immediately, they sat together in a room full of people, and talked and laughed as if they were teens catching up about how their day went.

“Kami ni Mylene kami yung tipo ng magkaibigan na kahit hindi magkita, ok lang. These are the friendships na very rare. Walang judgement and expectations,” Juday said after the event.

After Gimik ended in 1999, Juday and Mylene got to work again in “Basta’t Kasama Kita” and “Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala.”

Last week, Juday was spotted with another BFF for life and Gimik co-star Jolina Magdangal. Just like with Mylene, she managed to keep their friendship intact.

Juday Promises a Festive Judy Ann’s Kitchen, Teases New Cook Book

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When Judy Ann’s Kitchen debuted last October, it was well-received because of the mouthwatering and extraordinary dishes. Plus, they totally loved Juday’s humor and energy.

However, many have requested for simpler and affordable recipes. They will be thrilled this time.

“So sa mga episodes na ito I had to think really hard kung paano ko ba co-combine yung mga comments and suggestions nila,” she said in an exclusive interview.

“Gusto ko talaga na may matutunan sila from each episode na ginawa namin. I really put extra effort in every recipe na ginawa ko kasi nga pinasok ko rin dun yung mga suggestion nila sa mga first episodes na nilabas namin,” she added.

The first episode of Judy Ann’s Kitchen Christmas Edition will air on December 2, on its Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.

JAK Christmas Edition Trailer

As promised, we’ll make your holiday season merrier with our new episodes! Watch out for our Christmas dishes here on Judy Ann’s Kitchen Facebook Page and YouTube Channel, every Saturday this December!

Posted by Judy Ann's Kitchen on Friday, November 24, 2017

But that’s not the only thing Filipinos will have to look forward to. Due to the immense success of her cook book, which has sold 35,000 copies as announced during Cook + Book Festival, fans can expect another book filled with Juday’s scrumptious and priced recipes.

The actress revealed that she is currently working on a new cook book. And just like her cooking show, she has taken into considerations all her learnings from the comments and suggestions of her fans.

For more info about the new cook book and everything about Juday, regularly visit www.officialjuday.ph

8 Helpful Advice From Judy Ann’s Kitchen Facebook Live

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Yesterday proved to be a special day for Judy Ann Santos as she mingled with Filipinos all over the world through Judy Ann’s Kitchen Facebook Live, which happened inside her festive kitchen.

A few minutes before it happened, Juday admitted she felt nervous but when she started greeting her viewers, it was like she was having a casual talk with friends. Juday was even joined by two special guests, Ryan and Luna, adding more fun to the Facebook Live.

@officialjuday enjoying @judyannskitchen ‘s first Facebook Live! #JAKLiveQandA

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In a span of an hour and so, the actress seemed like a walking lifestyle magazine, managing to tackle almost everything from cooking, taking care of kids, and even setting up a business.

Here are the key takeaways from the Facebook Live yesterday.

1. Don’t Eat Midnight Snacks

“Snack up on nuts and milk. Wag ka nang kumain pag madaling araw kasi hindi ka na matutunawan niyan. Lahat ng kinain mo ng madaling araw, mag-iistore up to fats. Sabi nga ng mga experts, kailangan bago ka matulog, two hours after ka nag-dinner, yun na yung last meal mo kasi kailangan ipahinga mo na yung tummy mo.”

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2. Plant Your Own Herbs

“Personally namimili ako sa mga weekend markets like Legazpi market and Salcedo market kasi organic tsaka may suki na ako doon. Though mas maganda kung itatanim niyo kasi mas makakatipid kayo eventually. Sa dami ng mahaharvest niyo, pwede niyo na rin siyang ibenta.”

3. Invest in Nutritious Ingredients

“It’s nice to invest in ingredients na may pagkapricey ng kaunti dahil sila yung mas fresher, organic. Kung gusto mong nasa healthy part ka ng side ng buhay, you try to invest a little more in buying organic ingredients.”

4. Involve Picky Kids in Cooking Their Own Meal

“Sinama ko sila sa pagluluto sa kusina. Maganda na ipatrabaho mo rin sa mga kids kung ano yung kakainin nilang vegetable kasi ma-aapreciate nila kasi na mayroon silang labor of work. Trick lang naman diyan, kung lulutuin niyo ang pagkain niyo, kailangan niyong kainin, masarap man o hindi, hindi pwedeng itapon kasi magagalit si God.”

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5. Don’t Be Afraid to Cook

“You’ll never know kung hanggang saan ang skill mo sa isang bagay kung hindi mo talaga siya susubukan. It’s really all about challenging yourself into doing new things. Siguro kung natatakot kayo sa deep-fry, doon muna kayo sa stir-fry at steam. Yung una medyo takot din ako sa mantika pero nung natalsikan na ako, ganun talaga, masasaktan. Parang love lang, masasaktan at masasaktan ka kahit anong iwas mo so masaktan ka na lang kesa wala kang matutunan.”

6. Always Have Bread for Leftovers

“Always have bread kasi yung mga leftovers na yan madaling gawing tinapay o kaya omelet.”

7. Juday Starts her day With Positivity

“I always have this Raw Cacao powder. It’s unprocessed, it has a natural caffeine na nakakapag-boost ng energy mo, plus it’s chocolate so yun pa lang nakaka-happy na. Maganda siya para sa katawan.”

@officialjuday starts her day with her favorite drink! #JAKLiveQandA

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8. The Secret to Happy Life is Not Concerning Yourself to Things You Can’t Control

“You choose your battles. Feeling ko yun lang naman yung sikreto sa pagiging masaya yung hindi mo na kailangan i-stressing ang sarili mo sa mga bagay na hindi mo na dapat ini-stress kasi hindi mo naman hawak yun.”

After the Facebook Live, her family and friends immediately congratulated her for the successful discussion. Juday immediately changed to mom and wife mode, and cooked dinner with so much love.

Thank you for your time! Hope you enjoyed our first Facebook Live with @officialjuday ! #JAKLiveQandA

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Judy Ann Santos Caught By Surprise With Judy Ann’s Kitchen Success

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Judy Ann Santos surprised many by launching her own online cooking show last October 13, featuring her spacious kitchen and treasured recipes. In turn, the actress was bewildered by Judy Ann’s Kitchen success.

Its first episode, Crispy Pork Banh Mi, was highly-anticipated, garnering a staggering 1.8M views while the succeeding 4 episodes already have more than hundred thousand views, as of writing.

[JAK] Ep 1: Banh Mi

[JAK] Ep 1: Judy Ann Santos welcomes you to her kitchen with her take on Vietnamese street food Banh Mi.

Posted by Judy Ann's Kitchen on Thursday, October 12, 2017

“Talaga ba?” she exclaimed during our exclusive interview.

It’s no secret why the online cooking show was heavily-watched. Aside from bringing new dishes to the table, netizens love Juday’s energy and jokes.

“Judaaaaay! kakatawa talaga ung mga pasimpleng jokes mo hahaha 🙂 keep it up! stay as natural like you are now,“ commented by Lian Cruz on the Pinoy Burger episode.

“Wow! I love it! Very vibrant, casual, and laidback at the same time. Feeling mo talaga you are at home lang cooking for your loved ones. Looking forward sa mga susunod na episodes!” commented by JanJan Roque on Crispy Banh Mi episode.

“Ganda po panoorin hindi boring. May humor sa delivery ng show. It is nice that the dishes are not the usual menu that almost of the audience know how to do. Keep inspiring and sharing the dishes made by ms judy ann and the team.” IC Cabaltera said on Baked Indian-Style Chicken Curry

However, it wasn’t easy creating Judy Ann’s Kitchen. The actress revealed she had doubts about having her own cooking show.

”Siyempre nadoon yung, ‘totoo ba to?’ ‘Paano nangyari to?’ Siyempre na doon rin yung grateful at thankful ka na papanoorin ka pa rin pala kahit na may doubts and takot.

But Juday didn’t let her “takot” get the best of her. Instead, she focused on sharing what she loves to do and surprisingly, there were millions who have the same passion as her.

“At the end of the day in-enjoy ko na lang lahat ng ginawa ko, lahat ng nangyari kasi nag-shashare lang naman ako ng passion ko pero it turned out marami pala akong kasama sa passion na ito so I’m happy.”